2017 TESA Camps are for boys only

Directions/Check-In Locations

Youth Day Camps:
All Youth Day Camps will register approximately 45 minutes each Monday to start each week of camp. Camper registration/check-in will take place under Pepin Stadium located on N. Boulevard. Approximate time to start registration/check in – 8:15AM

Residential Camps:
All Resident camps will register/check-in at the dorm that is assigned for the camp approximately 2 hours prior to the start of camp on day 1.
Dorm assignments are given about 1 week prior to camp and will come in an email to each camper that has pre-registered 4 days prior to the camp starting. Approximate time to start registration/check in – 4:00PM. Below is the address for Brevard Hall, be advised this may not be the hall assigned but can be used to get you in the area as all dorms are very close to each other on campus.

Brevard Hall
203 N. Brevard Ave.
Tampa, FL 33606